Alys Clare

Elizabeth Harris Alys Clare

Alys Clare has lived in Kent since childhood, recently in the place where her Hawkenlye series of historical crime novels is set, close to the remnants of the great Wealden Forest. She also spends much of the year in an ancient stone cottage in Brittany. Alys has been a published novelist since 1990 and is also a prize-winning short story writer.

Under her real name, Elizabeth Harris, she wrote 'time-slip' novels which have recently been reissued in ebook format by Endeavour Press.  Alongside the Hawkenlye series Alys is writing another Middle Ages set Aelf Fen series, and recently started the new Rosewyke series of novels based around an ex naval doctor relocated to rural Devon, set in early 17th century.  


Recent titles by Alys Clare:

The Hawkenlye Series                                The Aelf Fen Series

Fortune like the Moon                                    Out of the Dawn Light

Ashes of the Elements                                   Mist over the Water

The Tavern in the Morning                             Music of the Distant Stars

The Enchanter's Forest                                  The Way between the Worlds

The Paths of the Air                                        Land of the Silver Dragon

The Joys of My Life                                         Blood of the South

The Rose of the Word                                     The Night Wanderer

The Songs of the Nightingale                          The Rufus Spy

The Winter King                                               The Rosewyke Series

A Shadowed Evil                                              A Rustle of Silk

The Devil's Cup