The Roundabout Man

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Who is the Roundabout Man?

He doesn’t look like a tramp, yet he lives on a roundabout in a caravan and survives on the leftovers from a nearby motorway service station. He calls himself Quinn, the name of a boy in a world-famous series of children’s books, but he’s nearer retirement than childhood.

What he hopes no one will discover is that he’s the real Quinn, immortalized as a child by his mother in her entrancing tales about a little boy’s adventures with his triplet sisters.  It is this inheritance he has successfully run away from – until now. When Quinn’s reclusive existence is invaded, he has to turn and face his past, and all the uncomfortable truths it contains about himself, his sisters, and, most of all, his mother.

The Roundabout Man is an outstanding novel by the Booker-shortlisted author of Astonishing Splashes of Colour and The Man Who Disappeared. Appealing to readers of Marina Lewycka and Catherine O’Flynn, it delivers a wittily observed slice of modern life as it plumbs the gulf between nostalgia and reality.



Publication Date
February 2012


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"Morrall has always excelled at portraying individuals who are out of kilter with the world and critical of it... The fundamental mystery of the artistic imagination is one of the threads that run through Morrall's novel, along with its destructive effects on those in proximity to the artist and the extent to which every life is fictional... Best of all is the portrait of the hapless Quinn.  Despite his glamorous back story, he has no outstanding