The Traitor's Pit

Book Cover

Young cleric, Wulfgar, does not believe that his older brother is capable of treason. And yet Wystan stands accused of plotting to overthrow King Edward and place his cousin, Athelwald Seriol on the throne.

It is clear that Seiriol and the Archbishop of York plan to lead an army to conquer Leicester. The Archbishop is an empire-builder, and Seiriol is ruthless. Together, they appear unstoppable.

With the invading army continually gathering force, can Wulfgar unearth the evidence to exonerate his brother before Wystan suffers a traitor's death...?



Publication Date
February, 2013



"The Traitors' Pit is utterly, totally gripping!  I read it over a day confined to bed, and having first picked it up I couldn't put it down.. the last few pages leave so much suspense in various respects that I can hardly bear to wait for the sequel!"                                        John Blair, Professor of Medieval History and Archaeology, Oxford