One of the Family: 40 Years with the Krays

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ONE OF THE FAMILY is a fascinating, untold, intimate history of an extraordinary family, a detailed story of a close relationship across the decades. Told with humour and insight, it looks back over the years to reveal a great deal more about the Kray twins and their close-knit East End family than has ever been revealed before now…

In the early Sixties, Maureen Flanagan (‘Flan’) was a 20-year-old hairdresser who started visiting the Kray family home in Vallance Road each week to give the twins’ mother, Violet, her weekly shampoo and set. Over the cups of tea and the rollers and hairpins, Violet began to confide in ‘Flan’ about her life, her incredible pride in her Twins’ increasing notoriety, the celebrities who visited her at their humble East End home -- and her troubled relationship with her husband, Charlie.

Gradually, as each family member started to accept Flan’s frequent presence in their home, a unique and close friendship was formed with everyone at Vallance Road: Ronnie and Reggie, their older brother Charlie and their parents all regarded her as ‘one of their own’. Maureen had an intensely personal relationship with the Kray family that would go on to last for over forty years.

When Violet, already dying of cancer, but determined to do her best for her beloved boys, had to travel across the country on her prison visits, Maureen went too. And after Violet died in 1982, Maureen’s loyalty to the family didn’t waver: she continued to visit the twins and their brother Charlie at every possible opportunity -- right up to the very end of their lives.



Publication Date
July 2015