News archive for April 2012

Sita's adaptation of Shaun Tan's THE ARRIVAL had a showcase at the South Bank as part of the Alchemy Festival at the weekend (and on Friday).  It is a collaborative piece between Tamasha Theatre and Circus Space.  The story is about an immigrant arriving to a new land and so it was fitting that the showcase took place in a transitory space.  It attracted big crowds of onlookers - just as intended.

Philip Palmer's three part afternoon drama for BBC Radio 4, Red and Blue continues this week. Colonel Bradley Shoreham's career as a frontline solider was ended in 2003 when a sniper in Afghanistan crippled his hand. Now he's been moved to rather special desk duties: masterminding war games to train British civil servants and armed forces, as well as our allies. The thing is, Shoreham is cunning, proud and angry. He does not want to be a "consultant subject matter expert" - he wants to be a god.

This week we have been celebrating the publication of Sita Brahmachari's Jasmine Skies, the exotic sequel to Artichoke Hearts, with an impressive three book launches! One of them transformed a local London deli into a Kolkata sari shop, complete with Kathak dancer. Meera Syal says "I really wish Sita had been writing when I was growing up as this beautiful heartfelt book explores so eloquently the need to find your history in order to find yourself."