News archive for August 2012

NME writer Johnny Sharp's Mind the Bollocks is just published by Portico. He has collected together the finest stools of wisdom to ever fall from the foul, ill-educated mouths of musicians and dug beneath the culture of nonsense surrounding popular music today. He asks: Are the X-Factor auditions all they appear to be? Is there really a musical frequency that can make you soil yourself? And which world-renowned rock guitarist sliced his own penis off? All is revealed herein, with bonus satanic messages included if you read it backwards.




Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, from award-winning homeware store Pedlars, have teamed up with Kate Burt to produce a guide to the Great Outdoors, which is just published by Square Peg.

If the mere whisper of a relaxing weekend in the country has your offspring moaning and groaning, refusing to leave the warm glow of the TV, then this is the book to quell the quarrels. Containing irreverent (and eminently useful) tips on the outdoors lifestyle, and how to teach your children to enjoy it, the Pedlars’ Guide to the Great Outdoors is the perfect handbook for reinvigorating your inner spirit – no matter your age.

From the perfect country walk (take pork pies and a hip flask of red wine); outdoorsy family games (be anarchic, but be careful when your wife is wielding a croquet mallet); dealing with ticks (it’s all about vodka) – and tips for dazzling barbecues (scallops, venison and mud-baked potatoes).

Moving from the city and launching themselves into country life, the Gladstones learnt everything they know through a great love for the outdoors. And if the Gladstones don’t know it first hand, they know someone who does. The guidebook is studded with chatty, first-person interviews on topics as varied as wild camping, bee-keeping and bridge-building (all stories told with a bit of an edge).

It’s the Great Outdoors – but a bit rock ‘n’ roll





Robert Jones' highly anticipated MURDER, directed by THE KILLING's Birger Larson and produced by Touchpaper Television's Kath Mattock, who worked with Jones on the Bafta-winning C4 series BURIED, aired at 10pm on BBC2 on 26th Aug to great acclaim. Mark Lawson's in-depth interview with Jones and Larson on Radio 4’s Front Row is currently available on BBC iPlayer.

The man who invented the slow, unsettling style of hit Nordic television thrillers, such as WALLANDER, THE KILLING and THE BRIDGE, is bringing his unflinching brand of screen magic to the city of Nottingham”   The Guardian

“MURDER is a bold and taut drama [...] Larsen says the script, by Robert Jones (THE COPS, PARTY ANIMALS), had some of the best writing he had ever come across”  Broadcast

“The style of MURDER is far more original than its rather blunt title [...] Utterly compelling”   The Independent

"Robert Jones has found a really fresh and innovative way of telling crime stories and in doing so has created a unique format”  BBC Exec Producer, Matthew Read

“I can say without exaggeration that it was the best script I have seen since THE KILLING. I was attracted to the fact that it’s written in such a way that the actors talk direct to camera. It feels original and intimate. You’re drawn into their world – you see it through their eyes”  Birger Larsen

Transworld have just released legendary science-fiction and fantasy writer Anne McCaffrey's body of work as ebooks. One of the world's leading science-fiction writers she won both the Hugo and Nebula awards as well as the Margaret A. Edwards' Lifetime Achievement Literary Award.