News archive for February 2013

Mister Holgado is Christopher William Hill’s dark and hilarious play, which premieres at The Unicorn Theatre ( from 24th March to 28th April. When little Conrad Van der Bosch claims he has an invisible tiger called Sigmund hiding in his wardrobe, his child psychologist father calls upon the fictional character of the terrifying Mister Holgado  to curb this defiant behaviour. His plan backfires spectacularly.

Mister Holgado is set in the same fictional city of Schwartzgarten as Christopher William Hill’s series for Orchard Books (Osbert The Avenger comes out in paperback this May). In keeping with the Tales from Schwartzgarten, Mister Holgado is dark, sharp and just a bit terrifying. It’s being published by Oberon Books ( this month.


August Strindberg's notorious 1890 drama, THE FATHER, is re-assessed in an uncompromising new version by Laurie Slade, directed by Joe Harmston. Part of BBC Radio 3's series of classic plays that tackle the revolutionary changes in the role of women at the end of the nineteenth century, THE FATHER aired on Sun 22nd Sept on BBC Radio 3, and is available on BBC iPlayer until Sun 29th Sept.

The play charts an explosive power-struggle between a married couple and was Strindberg's response to the most famous gender drama of the day, Ibsen's A DOLL'S HOUSE.

This new version by Laurie Slade turns THE FATHER into a psychologically astute portrayal of the battle of the sexes in a nineteenth-century middle-class marriage, with surprising insights into issues such as gender, the meaning of marriage, parental attitudes to child education, and the conflicts between science and religion.

This production was originally staged at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry with award-winning actors Joe Dixon and Katy Stephens as The Captain and his wife Laura.

An uneasy stand-off exists between an army Captain and his wife. A disagreement over the future of their daughter, Bertha, triggers an all-out war. Laura will stop at nothing to gain control of her daughter's education and when she suggests to the Captain that he may not actually be the girl's father at all, she sets a chain of events in motion, from which nobody escapes unharmed.