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Glenn Chandler currently has two fantastic plays at the Edinburgh Festival...

The first, SANDEL, is based on the novel by Angus Stewart & written and adapted by Glenn.

David Rogers is a 19 year old undergraduate. Antony Sandel is a choirboy. Defying convention and the law, they embark on a perilous affair, yet one that is filled with tenderness and humour. When David lands a job as teacher at the boy’s choir school, their situation starts to become even more dangerous.

Set in Oxford in the ’60s, Angus Stewart’s cult novel, dubbed ‘the male Lolita’ and long held to be unstageable, is newly relevant in today’s climate, with a conclusion that will quite literally take your breath away.

SANDEL is being performed from 2nd - 24th August at 4.05pm (not Sunday 11th) at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Venue 53)

The second of Glenn's plays, KILLERS, is written by Glenn and directed by Liam Rudden.

Ian Brady. Peter Sutcliffe. Dennis Nilsen. One Moors Murderer, the Yorkshire Ripper and a necrophiliac slayer of young men, between them responsible for more than thirty deaths. Locked away for life, their only communication with the outside world are letters to their 'fans'. Sociable, sympathetic and sinister, this intensely private and bizarre correspondence has been adapted by Glenn Chandler, creator of TAGGART. KILLERS is not only a revealing insight into the criminal mind but a chilling look at ordinary members of the public who for many different reasons, some disturbing, enter into long-distance relationships with society's most evil. 

KILLERS is being performed from 1st - 25th August at 18:10pm (not Monday 12th) at The Assembly Rooms

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The fifth novel in Alys Clare's Aelf Fen mystery series, LAND OF THE SILVER DRAGON, is just published by Severn House. Booklist says "This is an outstanding book in an outstanding series—haunting, atmospheric, magical, and gripping, with a charismatic young heroine, an unusual premise, believable period details, and plenty of action and suspense. A cracking-good read that is recommended for all collections."