News archive for September 2013

Award-winning writer Alice Nutter's stage play MY GENERATION opens at West Yorkshire Playhouse on 9th Oct and will run until 26th Oct, with preview performances from 5th Oct.

Cath believes the personal is political. Mick agrees, but he's got much more important things to do with his time than the washing up. The kids, Ben and Emma are less concerned about the class war than they are about having to wear second hand jumpers to school.

Set in Leeds, My Generation is the story of a family and a city through 40 years of alternative culture. From the fear, tension and radical feminism of Leeds during the Yorkshire Ripper, the disillusionment of the Miners' Strike, the drug fuelled hedonism of the 90s and finally the instability and possibilities created by today's economic crisis.

Heartbreak, betrayal and coming out scrapping when all you've got left is pride, My Generation follows people who tried to live differently..

Written by award-winning TV writer Alice Nutter, founder member of Chumbawamba, this witty new play is played out to an explosive mash-up of the best pop from four decades.

Tickets are available here:'s-on/2013/my-generation/

Suzi Moore's reassuring and uplifting hug of a picture book, Two Little Bears, was published on 10th Oct by Bloomsbury. 

High on a mountainside, Little Brown Bear leaves the warmth of the den. He wrinkles his nose, stretches a paw, and with a deep breath, he goes out to explore. Meanwhile, where it snows and snows, Little Snow Bear leaves the warmth of her snow cave. She wrinkles her nose, stretches a paw, and with a deep breath she goes out to explore. 

Little Brown Bear and Little Snow Bear may be different on the outside but inside they are just like each other. So when they are brought together by chance, a very special and enduring friendship develops.


The second in Christopher William Hill's Tales from Schwartzgarten series, The Woebegone Twins was published by Orchard on 3rd October. 

When twins Greta and Feliks lose their beloved Aunt Gisela to a poisoned marzipan cake and are sent to the ill-omened Schwartzgarten Reformatory for Maladjusted Children it seems their fate is sealed... that is until they are rescued by the glamorous and wealthy Olga Van Veenen, a fabulous children's author. The two twins are grateful but something tells them that Olga's motives are not entirely genuine... 

The Woebegone Twins is a tale of murder and mayhem, fact and fiction.
The heroes are horrid. The plots are peculiar. And things are not always as they seem.
If you prefer cleavers to kittens and fiends to fairies...
then welcome to the gruesomely funny tales from Schwartzgarten.

As part of Bath Children’s Literature Festival 2013 award-winning writer Christopher William Hill gave a talk about his gruesomely funny book TALES FROM SCHWARTZGARTEN: OSBERT THE AVENGER and why he loves dark humour on Sat 28th Sept at 1pm at The Egg. Christopher also gave an interactive talk including some very silly storybuilding and some extremely weird and wonderful smells (!) on Mon 30th Sept at 1:15pm at the Guildhall.

Sita Brahmachari meanwhile is taking part in a discussion alongside author Hayley Long, talking about her recently published book KITE SPIRIT. The authors will be speaking with Jenni Mills on Sun 6th Oct at 2:30pm at the Mission Theatre.

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