News archive for November 2013

Stef Penney's radio adaptation of James M Cain's DOUBLE INDEMNITY was broadcast this month on Radio 4.

An insurance man comes up with the perfect murder, or so he thinks.

Walter Huff has a good steady job in the insurance business and lives a quiet life, until the day he falls for Phyllis, an unhappily married woman, and decides to help her commit murder.

They come up with a plan in which Phyllis's husband will die an unlikely death, by falling from a moving train. The 'accidental' nature of his demise will trigger the 'double indemnity' clause of the policy, forcing the insurance company to pay the widow twice the normal amount.

The couple carry out their plan but things soon turn sour. The Insurance Investigator is suspicious, and so are Phyllis's daughter and her mysterious boyfriend Nino.

It is available on BBC iPlayer here.


The paperback of the second in VM Whitworth's Wulfgar series, THE TRAITOR'S PIT, is just published by Ebury.

Wulfgar does not believe that his older brother is capable of treason. But Wystan stands accused of plotting to overthrow the King and place his cousin on the throne.

With an invading army gathering force, can Wulfgar exonerate his brother before Wystan suffers a traitor's death...?

"Whitworth tells her story with some élan but its strength lies particularly in the characterization of the appealing Wulfgar, a civilised man forced to live in a society where violence rules the roost" (The Sunday Times)

Jean Fullerton's Christmas novella featuring your favourite East End nurse, CHRISTMAS WITH NURSE MILLIE, is published as an eBook this week.

Christmas is approaching - but for Nurse Millie and Nurse Annie babies are still being born, and in the East End of London, new mothers still need all the care and support they can give.

Vividly summing up all the friendship of a close-knit community - both for the midwives and for the families - CHRISTMAS WITH NURSE MILLIE powerfully brings to life post-War London - with a heartwarming festive twist.



Stef Penney has been enjoying working on MODESTY BLAISE: A TASTE OF DEATH, a five-parter for Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour based on an action-adventure novel by Peter O'Donnell.