News archive for December 2013

The eBook of Margaret Leroy's The English Girl has just been published by Sphere.

"A wonderful, wonderful book! Margaret Leroy does an amazing job of showing us the Nazi takeover of Austria through the eyes of an engaging, bright and brave seventeen-year-old English girl. I lost three nights of sleep, unable to put this superbly written book aside and turn out the light" (Diane Chamberlain)

"Stunning and evocative . . . utterly beguiling" (Rosamund Lupton)

"Margaret Leroy writes with candour and intelligence, capturing the menace of suddenly finding that the world may not be at all as you've thought it" (Helen Dunmore)

The perfect Christmas stocking filler, Josh Burt's SPORNO is just published by Simon & Schuster.

The camera never lies, according to some. But many of the sporting figures seen in these hilarious images will tell you that it definitely does. Whether it's Frank Lampard and John Terry caught in a moment of possibly excessive team bonding, or a big hug during a beach volleyball game, for those of a certain mindset what they are really seeing is the moment when sport and porn collide - Sporno! Josh Burt has scoured the world's photographic archives to come up with the funniest images caught on film where sports stars seem to forget that the eyes of the world are on them. They are the times when their passion for the game seems to have taken them too far, and things have got a little out of hand...


Alfie Pearland's heartwarming and hilarious to shake off the January blues has just been published for kindle.

Johnny Friday is a reporter on the local newspaper in a recession-hit seaside town. Known as 'Mr Happy' to his colleagues and joyless girlfriend, he is a kind-hearted twenty-something, whose 'Do-Gooder Deeds' are a regular part of his daily life. When a series of mysterious signs start popping up all over town urging residents to brighten up their neighbours' lives, Johnny is assigned to investigate; but as the people of Glenwick start to fall for the 'Happy Signs', he finds his own life unravelling and his good nature seriously challenged.

You can buy the book for kindle here.