News archive for January 2014

Booker shortlisted Clare Morrall’s new novel, AFTER THE BOMBING, is just published by Sceptre.  It’s had rave reviews in The Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Essentials Magazine, and there is an excellent interview with Clare in the Sunday Independent. The book is in all good bookshops including Waterstones.

Gareth Robert's vivid and engaging story of wasted talent, second chances, family, friendship, and, of course, the beautiful game, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BILLY PARKS? is just published by the Friday Project.

October 17th 1973: the greatest disaster in the history of English football.

All England had to do was beat Poland to qualify for the World Cup.

They didn’t.

They could only draw.

Left on the bench that night was a now forgotten genius, West Ham’s Billy Parks: beautiful, gifted and totally flawed.

Fast-forward forty years, Billy’s life is a testament to wasted talent. His liver is failing and he earns his money selling football memories on the after-dinner circuit to anyone who’ll listen and buy him a drink. His family has deserted him and his friends are tired of his lies and excuses.

But what if he could be given a second chance? What if he could go back in time and win the game for England? What if he was able to undo the pain he’d caused his loved ones?

The Council of Football Immortals can give him that chance, just as long as he can justify himself, and his life, to them.

This is the story of Billy Parks: a man who bore his genius like a dead weight and who now craves that most precious of things – the chance to put things right.


THE MOON FIELD by Judith Allnatt is published this week, the launch title for HarperCollins’ new literary imprint, Borough Press.  Judith will be on BBC’s Meet the Author on Thursday 16th alongside a Goodreads promotion, and fantastic reviews are already flooding in.   Set in Belgium and the Lake District in 1914, this is the perfect read for the WW1 centenary year. 

Kate Saunders in The Sunday Times says: "Allnatt is too intelligent a writer to succumb to mawkishness or fall back on the usual clichés; The Moon Field is genuinely and deeply moving."

Judith has also written a piece for the Waterstones blog (here) and featured on the BBC's Meet the Author programme, available to watch on iPlayer here.

Huge 80s bestseller, A DARK AND DISTANT SHORE by Reay Tannahill,  is reissued this week by her original editor, Rosie de Courcy now at Head of Zeus.  It was described by the Daily Mirror as ‘ A marvellous blend of GONE WITH THE WIND and THE THORN BIRDS. You will enjoy every page’.  Praise indeed!