News archive for June 2014

Iain Sinclair's AMERICAN SMOKE has been shortlisted for the Dolman Best Travel Book of the Year Award 2014. The prize will be awarded on the 30th September.

On the trail of the American Beats Iain Sinclair makes a delirious and perhaps ill-fated expedition in the footsteps of Malcolm Lowry, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Charles Olson, and Gary Snyder. It is a journey that searches for literary ghosts behind mirages of volcanoes and the Old West. Here rumours vie with false memories and unreliable reports that steer our guide from one strange adventure to another. AMERICAN SMOKE is an odyssey where the beginning offers no clues as to where it may end.



Alf Dole's heart-warming and nostalgic memoir of life as a Pearly Prince has just been published by Simon & Schuster.

Capturing the camaraderie of working in London's street markets in the middle of the 20th century and surviving the Second World War, Alf Dole's memoir also serves as an important slice of social history from a time when working-class communities were proud to celebrate their traditions. Sadly Alf died just after completing his story but his daughter Diane, herself a Pearly Princess, is continuing the family custom in fine tradition.

The paperback of Paul Wilson's MOUSE AND THE COSSACKS is published today by Profile.

Mouse de Bruin is under siege. Without a voice since the age of six, she is trying to work things out about the world.

She and her mother have moved into a rented Pennine farmhouse in which reminders of the man who lived there previously, William Crosby, lie all around her. Fighting to hold the outside world at bay, Mouse becomes increasingly drawn to William, a man who seems to have been haunted by secrets throughout the long life he spent in this house.

As Mouse's investigations lead her towards some of the people who knew him, she unearths a collection of letters about William's experience in Europe as a young officer in the chaotic final weeks of World War II. But why, as Mouse begins to uncover the mysteries of William's past life, is she so keen to eliminate all traces of her own?

'A masterpiece in characterisation … All Paul Wilson's novels to date have been highly acclaimed, and Mouse and the Cossacks continues his high standard for intelligent and affecting work' --Herald

Alice Nutter is currently writing on THE MILL, produced by Darlow Smithson Productions for C4, a powerful historical drama series based on the lives of real people, telling the story of young 19th-century apprentices taking their lives into their own hands for the first time.