News archive for July 2014

Alice Nutter's episode of THE MILL, Channel 4’s first factually-inspired period drama, produced by Darlow Smithson Productions was broadcast on C4 on Sun 10th Aug.

The second series focuses on the lives of the Quarry Bank mill workers between 1838 and 1842, a period of turbulent social, political and industrial change.

It's the time of the great Chartist rallies and the birth of modern democracy, with the movement for the right for working-class men to vote sweeping the country.

But, four years after the end of the first series, the effects of the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, which made a distinction between 'deserving' and 'undeserving' poor, are starting to take hold and desperate economic migrants from the south of England are beginning to arrive at the mill in search of work.

How does it feel to come home from work one evening and find your two-year-old son gone? How does it feel to steal another woman's child? To take a boy from his mother, and try to make him yours, make things right? This is the story of two women, Nula and Maggie, who are joined by old family history and love for the same little boy.

MOTHER ISLAND, Bethan Robert's latest novel, is just published by Chatto and Windus, and has already received a rave review from The Independent:

"There's little more engrossing than a top-notch psychological thriller. Bethan Roberts's latest novel doesn't disappoint – it's satisfyingly creepy and stimulates that delicious paradox: goose-pimples in summer."