News archive for October 2014

Forget scarves and bobble hats. Here are some woollen wonders that will really blow your mind...

For the last four years, Gabrielle Grillo has been scouring the web for the most bizarre knitted items she can find. Along with Lucy Sweet, she has collected the very best of her finds in this hysterically funny book. From a knitted Christmas turkey cosy to woolly vomit, they have to be seen to be believed.

After you've read WTF Knits and stitched your sides back together, you might just be inspired to dust off your needles, dig out your balls of wool and knit something downright odd yourself.

Published today by Bantum Press.

Jenny Morton Pott's funny and quirky love story set in Brighton, PIANO FROM A 4TH STOREY WINDOW, has just been released as a kindle ebook.

Lawrence Fyre and Marin Strang aren’t like other people.

He is the eccentric owner of failing Sargasso Books in the Brighton Lanes. She is an ex-Jehovah’s Witness and isolated Spanish teacher. If they live together in his illegal, beautiful, rope laddered lock-up, can their love overcome their losses?

Original, sexy, very funny and deeply moving. An author in complete control of a number of unforgettable characters and emotional highs and lows, Jenny Morton Potts leaves the reader breathless, and wanting more.

Episode three of THE ART OF GOTHIC, directed and produced by MBA's Paul Tickell aired on BBC4 on 3rd Nov. THE ART OF GOTHIC is a three-part series for BBC4 on the Gothic in art and architecture, literature and popular culture: it's the history of a cultural idea from the 18c novel to the contemporary vampire movie.

Rory McEwen features in BBC Four’s ‘Secret Knowledge: In Search of Rory McEwen’ on Friday night at 7.30pm.

Jools Holland tells the remarkable story of his father-in-law Rory McEwen - aristocrat, artist, folk singer and pioneering TV presenter, and the man who brought the blues to Britain. Illustrated with rare archive and McEwen's own beautiful paintings, the programme features contributions from an eclectic cast including Van Morrison, David Dimbleby and Jonathan Miller.

Rory McEwen’s book THE COLOURS OF REALITY is published by Kew Publishing.