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THE SILK FACTORY by Judith Allnatt is published today by Borough Press.  A contemporary story involves a woman whose new home seems to be haunted by a little girl; in the past, the house was originally a silk factory, in which children worked, often in appalling conditions, alongside adult  craftsmen.  Judith, author of acclaimed THE POET’S WIFE and THE MOON FIELD, brings past and present together with great skill and humanity.  It’s based on a true story and set in the Northamptonshire village where she lives.

"Gold Fever is a wonderful mix of history, journalism and good old fashioned adventure."

Published by Oneworld this week, author Steve Boggan will be promoting GOLD FEVER on  BBC Radio 4 You and Yours next Tuesday (5th), aswell as on Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon and Breakfast TV - amongst other promotions.


"[Steve Boggan] conveys the expectation of the prospecting, the excitement of the panning, the thrill of the find, without succumbing to the insanity that has so often followed." - The Telegraph


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Glenn Chandler's FANNY AND STELLA opens at Above The Stag Theatre with previews from May 14th.

“It will be raw and unvarnished. And tragic. But with laughter and gaiety. There will be love and romance. And drama. And medical examinations. And a painful death.”

Victorians Ernest Boulton and William Park were known and adored as Fanny and Stella. They dazzled in female roles on our nation’s stages – and in clubs and bedrooms from London to the Highlands. Tonight – for one night only! – they present the shocking story of their own rise to fame and fall from grace.

A riotous new play about two young men who dared to be different, whatever the cost.

"A new play by Glenn Chandler charts the forgotten story of two cross-dressers and a notorious 1870s court case." - The Guardian 

The Flaneur Arts and Culture :   "If you leave without a smile on your face then there is nothing in this world that can bring you joy"


 5***** "If you only go and see one show this year, make it this one" - Gay Times

 "a memorable score to rival many of its contemporaries" - Musical Theatre Review

5***** "a true and sumptious 'coming out of the closet' musical" - Boys Magazine

"Stylishly presented indulgent crowd pleaser" - British Theatre Guide

4****  "a delicious cocktail" - The Londonist