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She wanted a birthday surprise,  just not the one she got…

Just published in paperback and ebook by HarperCollins, THE BIRTHDAY THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING is the perfect antidote to the February winter blues.  By Debbie Johnson, bestselling author of COLD FEET AT CHRISTMAS.

‘A lovely, emotion-filled, giggle-inducing story.’ Milly Johnson


A dramatic and terrifying memoir of a ‘catfish’ scenario - when a woman meets a man online but nothing is what it seems.

25-year-old Megan Henley put her five-year-old daughter to bed one evening and switched on her laptop. A Facebook ‘friend request’ seemed to be genuine. There were a few common friends and very similar interests, so Megan accepted.

With that one simple act, she changed her life forever. In her words: ‘looking back on it, it was as if I had opened my front door to a stranger, as if I had thrown away every precaution I’d ever put in place, as if I had freely given access to my whole world – all because of some naïve belief that it was ‘just’ a friend request on a social media site.’ Megan is tricked into a relationship, paranoia and ultimately betrayal by the man she loved and trusted but nothing is as it seems

The UK and Dutch editions of this heartwarming tale of friendship are now available. The true story of how rescue donkey, Shocks, and cerebral palsy sufferer, Amber, helped each other to a better life will be sure to affect readers everywhere.


The Twilight Child, The Egyptian Year, The Quiet Earth, The Sacrifice Stone and The Herb Gatherers now available in ebook by prolific writer of historical crime, Elizabeth Harris who also writes as Alys Clare.  Published by Endeavour.