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After years of training, horse-mad Flick has finally achieved her dream of becoming one of the few female blacksmiths in the country.

Her first job is in Talyton St George. The little cottage on the green where she is staying is idyllic, and it feels like the fresh start she needs. But she soon finds she is having to work overtime to prove her abilities to the not-so-welcoming locals.

One person very much on her side though is Robbie Salterton. He’s a bit of a local celebrity – a handsome stunt rider who does charity work in his spare time – and he seems to be going out of his way to look out for Flick. But is he just being friendly or does he see Flick as something more?

Despite swearing off men, Flick can’t help wanting to find out . . .

In a small salt-mining town in 19th century Germany, Philbert is born with a 'taupe', a disfiguring inflammation of the skull. Abandoned by his parents and with only a pet pig for company, he eventually finds refuge in a travelling carnival bringing entertainment to a people beset by famine, repression and revolutionary ferment. Philbert finds a caring family in Herman the Fish Man and an assortment of 'freak show' artists, magicians and entertainers. But when Philbert is persuaded by the sinister Teller of Signs to undergo examination by the renowned physician Dr Ullendorf, he embarks on an altogether darker and more perilous journey.

Clio Gray’s fiction has been described by the Telegraph as ‘Playfully elegant and effortlessly seductive’ and Barbara Nadel called her ‘a fantastically different writer. 

Published by Myrmidon.

On the evening of Friday 17th January 2014, Dan persuaded his mum to let him go to a party. Instead he went, for the first time, to an illegal rave. He took a lethal dose of MDMA but had no way of knowing that. His body temperature soared to 42 degrees centigrade, his organs shut down and he fell unconscious.  At 12:50 on Monday 20th January, Dan died, surrounded by his family.

The first part of the play is Dan’s story, in the words of his friends. The second part is the same story told through the words of his parents and his girlfriend’s family.

The play was commissioned by Dan’s parents who have set up the to educate young people about drugs.

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Following the BAFTA winning original drama, MURDER returns as a new drama series, penned by writer Robert Jones. Already being heraled with fantastic reviews, each film picks apart a murder in all its terrible complexity, hearing the story from every angle and casting the viewer as a jury member to decide on guilt and innocence.

'It avoids all the cliches of the standard police procedural-and that is why the original won a BAFTA'. David Chater, The Times

'What immediately strikes you upon viewing this intriguing drama is that the writer's name, Robert Jones, is the first credit to appear in the title sequence - a rare but, it transpires, fully justified endorsement.' Martin James, Radio Times


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