News archive for September 2016

To a torrent of publicity including TV, radio, print and other media, Rachel Lichtenstein's ESTUARY: Out From London To The Sea is published by Hamish Hamilton. Featured on BBC Radio 4 News, and Countryfile on TV, it's been described as 'electrifying' by The Spectator and 'possibly her best book yet' by Caught by the, who have also made it their Book of the Month.

Sue Wilsher's debut novel WHEN MY SHIP COMES IN is published by Sphere.

Essex, 1959.  When the Blundell family is evicted from the squalid tenements of Tilbury docks, they find work at Monday’s, a utopian factory town. Flo Blundell is befriended by the wife of the owner, who nurtures in her a dream to become the first female manager.   But Flo’s wayward husband Fred jeopardises the family’s chance to escape poverty for good.  Their teenage daughter Jeannie starts going to college in secret while her twin sister Babs falls in love and their sickly younger brother starts to thrive away from the damp lodgings of Tilbury.

When Fred is fired by Monday’s,  Flo has to make a decision: does she keep the family together in squalor and abuse, or does she break them up and strive for a better life?  

A fabulous saga set in the atmospheric dwellings, docks and utopian factory of Tilbury Essex, in a changing age.

Winter is coming and so is Christmas but luckily you don't need to worry about what to buy the Game of Thrones fans in your life. The perfect gift book by Helen Keen is now available from Coronet.  

HORSES, HEIFERS AND HAIRY PIGS is vet Julian Norton’s incredibly warm and evocative memoir published by Michael O’Mara is now out. The star of Channel 5’s huge ratings hit series The Yorkshire Vet, writes about his life and the huge variety of animals and people he has met along the way. From his childhood love of animals, through his training and first steps in the profession and the pressures and challenges faced by vets, dealing with unexpected exotic pets – and handling excitable humans too!